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Family Business [EN]

Family Business [EN]

Our company purchases, processes and sales game since 1996. Strict records, constant veterinary supervision and regular audits together with perfect processing, packaging, storage and transportation guarantee high quality game. Our game is mostly Czech origin. The proof of the highest quality is our satisfied customers not only in the Czech Republic but also in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and other EU countries. By setting up the eshop we want to make game available to every fan of healthy and tasty food.



Welcome to the first eshops with chilled game!

Goods ordered in our shop is delivered anywhere in the Czech Republic .

Our company was established in 1996. From the very beginning we place great emphasis on high quality and personal approach to each customer.

We offer a wide range of game (hoofed, feathered to lagomorphs). The major amount of game we buy in the Sumava region, the Central Region and South Region. We collect the game by our own vehicles and to ensure good quality of purchased game it is done only by family member’s employees



In 2000, we expanded and built a new slaughtering premises for farmed animals. At the same time the operation was extended to the processing of feathered game.

In 2005 our company was assessed the supreme audit of the European Union with very good results, without any auditors´ comments. The entire manufacturing plant is under constant veterinary supervision. Regular audits are conducted with focus on compliance with critical points system HACCP, hygiene and compliance with health regulations in force in the Czech Republic and the EU.

For many years our products for their quality found its customers in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Slovak Republic and other EU countries. Through our eshop we offer our products to you.